Despite statements to the contrary by self-proclaimed health "experts," jogging with cushioned footwear (e.g. Spira running shoes) remains the ultimate exercise, lowering glucose, extensively lowering blood pressure (after the run) and increasing bone density. Non-weight bearing and passive range-of-motion exercise/gravity assisted articulation, such as morning pendular limb swing is indicated for arthritic joints; pool therapy; progressive stretching with proprioceptive awareness (similar in some respect to Feldenkrais exercise but without the New-Age dross). Raising  respiratory rate to about 30/min for

at least 20 min daily in a cardio-vascular exercise routine.

Restorative sleep (pre-REM delta sleep architecture) in a regular sleep-wake schedule. Wearing a woolen nightcap in cold conditions reduces drying of scalp and thinning of hair.

An essential part of good health insurance is the pursuit of a creative activity/hobby to raise self-concept and lower emotional stress. The overwhelming majority in our society are solely consumers, with no product except for their employer.

Washing immediately after intercourse greatly reduces development and psoriatic flare-up of the glans penis.

Showering daily as bacteria, yeast and fungi quickly build on the body and alarm the immune system. Soaking in a bath, Jacuzzi or warm pool beneficially hydrates the skin.

Balanced activity: a time to work, a time to rest, a time to sleep, a time to play, a time to study and learn (throughout a lifetime), a time to socialize, a time to spend alone with yourself (introspect) a time to cry, (yes, real men are strong enough to shed a tear), a time to love, a time to hate (war against evil), a time to speak, a time to hold the tongue. Both unbridled aggression and pacifism are psycho- pathology.

Except for the solitary (schizoid) personality, Socialization with creative people that involves communication on an emotional level. Preventative care for general health, especially if family history includes an autoimmune disorder (genetic loading is greatest in father to son then father to daughter). Associating with emotionally secure people. Possessing understanding serves as a prophylactic against the stress of reactive anger. Relating to pets can be therapeutic, calming to the central nervous system. Scientists are discovering that intimacy, such as hugging someone--even a pet-- increases levels of the hormone oxytocin in the body that suppresse the HPA axis by activating vagal afferent nerves, thereby counteracting stress and promoting health, such as lowering blood pressure; improving memory, wound healing and increasing libido, among many other health benefits.

Good oral and dental hygiene. Daily brushing of teeth, flossing and use of a mouth wash prevent the body's immune system from being triggered that systemically affects any one of the autoimmune disorders. Even heart disease is associated with poor oral hygiene. For dry mouth, which is accommodates bacteria, take frequent sips of filtered water and suck on sugarless hard candy or chewing gum.

Daily showers wash away build-up of immune alarming bacteria. Since even the best soap dries human skin, use of a body lotion will help the skin keep its integrity.


We may well refer to the ketogenic diet as an anti-inflammatory diet. Not one honest study links fat to elevated cholesterol (LDL and VLDL transporters). Coconut fat has already proven itself to be medicinal, reversing Alzheimer's, curing obesity and putting into remission such diseases as cancer, diabetes, MS,

psoriasis and many other disorders. Medium Chained Triglycerides (MCT Oil) is a potent appetite suppressant that can place one in ketosis within 20 minutes. Use MCT Oil very cautiously, starting with half a teaspoon/day as it may can cause severe nausea.

Micronutrients. Nourishment consisting of colloidal minerals, uncooked high fiber vegetables, saladas, non-processed and non-bleached foods. A ketogenic diet imitates starvation but does not cause flare-ups. Frequent intake of high grade virgin olive and regular consumption of olives (may be a major factor as to why Europeans suffer less of these diseases and on average take less than 1/10th of the medication we do).

Psoralen-rich vegetables and fruits: raw celery (concentrated in the green leafy portion makes skin sensitive to UV light), carrots, parsley, figs. Psoralens cause the skin to become more sensitive to sunlight (solar UV), which is beneficial to psoriatics in the northern regions of the world: and the increased production of vitamin D3 is possibly equivalent to using Calcipotriene (Dovonex). Note that vitamin D3 has been shown to help prevent and improve the prognosis for three types of cancer: breast, colon, and prostate (take in a little sunlight!).

High-fiber carbohydrates, such as low-glycemic index fresh fruit and vegetables. Processed carbs (no fiber) are fattening and cause glucose spikes that trigger inflammation. Limit protein intake to modest amounts of chicken turkey and fish.

Nuts are nutrient dense and have anti-inflammatory properties, specifically almonds, cashews, peanuts (esp. the skin) and walnuts if consumption is regular. Walnuts, containing high levels of α-linolenic acid  (a plant derived omega-3 fatty acid) has been shown to help with rheumatoid arthritis. Peanut skin is anti-melanogenic and decreases production of inflammatory cytokines, including TNF. Evidence is emerging that nuts also counter oxidative stress, cancer and hyperlipidemia. Epidemilogical studies suggest nuts help with weight loss in the absence of starch. If the kidneys become tender, reduce consumption of hard nuts, like almonds.

Hydration, internal and external. Distilled or filtered water that is free free of calcium carbonate (chalk) and toxic fluoridation that elicits an immune response. Sipping a bottle of natural lemon-flavored and Stevia sweetened water all day is more beneficial than drinking it at one sitting. Herbal tea does not contain any caffeine. Ginger has been found to manage blood sugar levels, fight cancer (especially ovarian type), ameliorate IBS and slow development of Alzheimer's disease. In many countries, ginger is used as a medicine. The herb root can be brewed at home (add a little lemon) or bought in stores in tea bags. Green tea with high amounts of catechin polyphenolsis is an antioxidant that has a mild anti-inflammatory effect.

Warm climate with a moderate amount of humidity. Warmth has a calming effect on the central nervous system. Medical researchers theorize that a high pressure weather system expands tissue around nerve pathways, thereby releasing nerve compression. People suffering with osteoarthritis and most autoimmune disorders migrate to states like Florida

for relief.

Stevia (rebaudiana species) is a natural sweetener alternative to any of the sugars. Splenda (sucralose), re-engineered from cane sugar, is not metabolized. But use of this chlorocarbon as a sweetener should be extensively conservative until proven to have a long-term, side-effect-free profile.

Essential/unsaturated fatty acids.

New research has determined that  Coconut oil and the ester of the tri-fatty acids,  Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT), have powerful anti-inflammatory properties, which also serve as a prophylactic against seizures, cancer and diabetes in a ketogenic diet. Primrose oil reduces skin dryness and premature aging, fish (especially omega-3 fatty acid-rich SalmonMackerel, sardines, trout, herring, anchovies, tuna, shark, swordfish (I prefer flaxseed, since it ensures a mercury-free source), salads, raw vegetables and, unfortunately, carbohydrates that tend to be fattening (high fiber carbs are much less fattening). Non arsenic fed chicken and turkey in moderation. Lamb is well-tolerated, but go easy on mutton if prone to digestive problems due to the stearic acid. A tea-spoon of cod liver oil (ugh!) is a good anti-inflammatory agent. 

Non-processed (non-refined), Low-glycemic index carbohydrates are akin to a dietary anxiolytic, especially the high fiber type that do not contribute to obesity (raw vegetables and salads). Gluten-free grains may also be a comfort food but are fattening. But excessive intake of low carb veggies can cause other problems: the highly nutritious carrot, for instance, does not cause an elevation in serum glucose or insulin; but overconsumption of the vitamin A-rich member of the parsley family can cause nausea and interfere with bone metabolism--an example of "too much of a good thing."

Lipid soluble vitamins are valuable anti-oxidants, such as A (alpha- and beta-Carotene, most abundant in sweet potatoes and carrots), and E (Alpha-tocopherol). Any mineral supplementation should be colloidal in nature (plant-derived). Test a mineral for the Tyndal Phenomenon (streaks) with infrared light in the dark. A good source of vitamin D3 is limited exposure to direct sunlight. Other stabilizing agents include Coenzyme Q10 (Ubiquinol) and Lycopene (found in tomatoes).

Organic minerals. Plant-derived sources are dark green leafy vegetables. Warmed full fat milk has less carbohydrate grams than skim milk; and in addition to being a colloidal dispersion, with the molecules measured in ångströms (an ångström is 10,000 times smaller than a micron, and a micron is 1/25,400th of an inch!)--small enough to be utilized by target cells—with its denatured protein may promote regenerative sleep. Whatever the price of a mineral, like raw calcium, it's still more economical than the inorganic form; since the latter is poorly utilized and may even cause health problems.


Limited exposure to direct, morning sunlight that prompts the body to manufacture lipid soluble vitamin D3 through photolysis, which requires some fat intake for absorption. Ultraviolet B rays interact with 7-dehydrocholesterol (7-DHC) present in the skin. Five to eight minutes/day for fair complexions. (No, you can't get enough vitamin D from diet). Warm and humid weather also, but sweating due to environmental heat is no friend. UV-B light in phototherapy (280-317 nm wavelength) reverses skin inflammation. Moisturizing lotion, especially with phospholipids or wax (or make your own, adding lecithin to a cream); "Nivea Skin Firming Lotion with Q10 and Biotin" is one of the better emulsion moisturizers). Primrose oil contains linoleic acid and may be included in the diet. Soaking in a bath or pool daily is very effective (ever wonder why professional divers don't look their chronological age?). Moisturizing lotion, especially with phospholipids or wax (or make your own, adding lecithin to a cream); "Nivea Skin Firming Lotion with Q10 and Biotin" is one of the better emulsion moisturizers). Primrose oil contains linoleic acid and may be included in the diet. Soaking in a bath or pool daily is very effective (ever wonder why professional divers don't look their chronological age?).

Clean air (oxygen), ideally 70oF at a relative humidity of 70%. Based on six clinical trials, aromatherapy proved to have a mild, transient anxiolytic affect. In calming the central nervous system, inflammation was reduced.

Visco-elastic ("memory foam") mattress topper to reduce ischemic compression. A high grade topper on a firm mattress provides relief from pressure points and joint flare-up, while still keeping the spine straight. To avoid negating the therapeutic value of sleeping or sitting on visco-elastic material, the bed sheet or covering must be stretchable. 


L-Tyrosine with Folic Acid, B6 and copper, with periodic "drug holidays." Individuals with a family history of melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer, should avoid this aromatic amino acid. L-Tyrosine is also a putative antidepressant but contraindicated in people with certain metabolic disorders or those taking MAO Inhibitors. Those with hypertension (HTN) may supplement their diet with L-Tyrosine but only under the supervision of a physician.

Cortisone injections and systemic steroids (e.g., Prednisone), but only in severe cases. Steroidal medication should be prescribed only by a physician prepared to treat the patient as if he or she were family, since these treatments are immunosuppressive and should be limited to no more than once per year to minimize the risk of cancer. A long and gradual tapering of the dose will reduce the rebound effect, which can be severe (if your dermatologist scoffs at this fact, find one that posesses a little more intellectual curiosity and is better informed).

Wellbutrin with routine drug holidays, taken 5-6 days/week, always in the AM. Prophylaxis against developing a reverse effect may be reducing dosage to three days/week for three weeks after two months.

Glucosamine sulfate with MSM for the necessary synergy. The benefits of Meloxicam, Arthrotec and Celebrex may far outweigh its potential side-effects. Circummin, an ingredient of the Turmeric root, reduces inflammation. For therapeutic benefit, dangerously large amounts of curry would need to be ingested, but capsules of the yellow spice are available. The herbal extract may also alleviate some chronic pain conditions.

Moderation by avoiding excesses. And excess are determined not by your

doctor but by your organs (reflected in a healthy blood profile).


Emotional equilibrium in a balanced lifestyle. Ability to avoid anger (insight and understanding).

Relaxation, laughter, fun stuff (anxiety disordered individuals, such as the obsessive-compulsive type, relax only when productive or learning--in such cases a hobby can serve as a distraction from negative thinking).

Prayer mixed with humility and a little faith. Of course, the target of prayer should be omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent: that excludes all but God. Praying to Him in His name will make all the difference.

Associating with insightful, emotionally secure people. Possessing insight and understanding serves as a prophylactic against the stress of reactive anger. Relating to pets can be therapeutic, calming to the central nervous system. Emotional equilibrium in a balanced lifestyle.


Ice pack (cheap but effective anti-inflammatory Tx) for a joint affected by osteoarthritis or psoriatic arthritis, followed by moist heat. A gel ice pack Is very effective in relieving severe pruritis or any itching of the skin.

Clear Transpore tape for occlusive steroid dressings. If using Seran wrap, perforate the sheet extensively with a pin. Do NOT use Dovonex (Calcipotriene) with an occlusive dressing without the close supervision of a knowledgeable dermatologist.

Fresh flower scent: studies are coming in that suggest aroma therapy may be some therapeutic value. Studies are coming in that suggest there may be some therapeutic value to Aroma therapy.

Low level laser therapy (LLLT) is proving to be a safe treatment for psoriasis, wound healing, postherpetic neuralgia and a number of other medical conditions. Its effect in vetinary cases rules out the placebo affect.



Inactivity, especially in the mornings or after sleep: a sedentary lifestyle upset homestasis, predisposing the body and mind to diathetical morbidity; trauma to a joint; ischemic compression; electric stimulation; "magnetic therapy"; sustained antalgic posturing; weight lifting and any heavy limb load exercise.

Unpaid sleep debt (secondary to

protracted high beta activity of workaholics and worriers). Long half-life dietary stimulants may cause insomnia and stress-related illness. Non-restorative sleep also ages skin and negatively impacts growth of nails and hair.

Narcissistic indolence and excessive consumerism to the exclusion of productivity. Taking IN movies (eyes), music, (ears) food (mouth), etc. is OK; but something must also come OUT. Write a poem, a song, a book; carve wood; take a photo and learn to enhance it on a computer; build a birdhouse; donate your time to a worthy charity; extend your personality beyond self.

Prolonged contact with vaginal acidity, which pH is in the 3.5-4.0 range (estrogen-dependent). The mucosa contains large amounts of glycogen that decomposes to lactic acid.

Poor hygiene, such as delaying washing after exercise and/or sweating. Wearing clothes that need laundering. The unseen war between your immune system and invasive pathogens is an ongoing battle,

noticed only when leukocytes start to lose  the fight.

Excessive physical strain or work—even muscle spasm—can trigger an immuno-flare-up. Invasive surgical interventions: these should be the very last option, most applicable to individuals with an anxiety disorder as they are highly prone to nerve irritating scar tissue development, which invites inflammation; and inflammation causes more scar tissue. Note that cautery treatments of resistant psoriatic lesions leave scars that are highlighted by any exposure to sunlight. The scars may be prone to serious complications later if exposed to prolonged UVB rays.

Toxic people. Associating or contending with the adult adolescents, emotionally immature individuals who naturally have a reactive affect, low frustration tolerance and inability to delay gratification depletes vital stress hormones (Selye's exhaustion phase). Choose friends wisely, based not only on personality but character.

Prokaryotic microorganisms (bacterium) in

periodontal (gum) disease and inadequate salivary flow (dry mouth) fostering accumulation of microorganisms cause the immune system to remain active, thereby aggravating the autoimmune disease.

Poor hygiene. Those suffering with psoriasis will notice an intensification of pruritis (itching) if skipping a day of showering, most especially if having engaged in an activity that caused the body to sweat. Skin cell proliferation will be even more accelerated.  


After Senator McGovern nefariously sold his upside-down "Food Pyramid" to the public, which advocated whole grains and vilified fat, serious diseases, most notably diabetes and heart disease, skyrocketed. In one generation America became obese and sick. McGovern might be responsible for more deaths than communism.

Starvation. Skipping meals is stressful to the body and contributes to an immune response. Large meals after starvation also tax the system. The body will start hoarding if you skip meals, so you may even gain weight by eating less. Products containing the protein composite gluten (wheat, barley, bran, rye, including beer). I know of no available alternative to bread. Rice, flour, even gluten-free oatmeal are acidifying. The glue-like dual protein gluten elicts an immune response, most severely in people with celiac disease. If the individual has little to no adipose tissue (fat storage) and skips meals, lean body mass is lost (muscle wasting).

High protein diet acts as a stimulant and mobilizes the immune system, moreover such a diet can torture the kidneys as protein molecules are heavier and require more work to filter.

High glycemic indexed fruit, such as watermelon, pineapple, cantaloupe, dates and figs cause severe glucose spikes that trigger inflammation. Starch: potatoes, rice, corn and wheat flour products, pasta (macaroni, spaghetti etc.), all cereals, including toxic "Special K" that is dishonestly advertised to aid in weight loss. "Enriched" flour means it is bleached of all nutrition and less than 2% of nutrients added: imagine removing a dollar from a piggy bank then adding to it less than 2 cents.

Dehydration places great stress on the body, especially the heart and kidneys and contributes to skin drying (premature aging and skin cell hyper-proliferation in psoriatics), eyes sinking, hypotension, palpitations or cardiovascular shock that can lead to death, headache, drowsiness, renal damage and failure, cognitive decline (confusion), and dozens of other serious problems. Alcohol inhibits the pituitary secretion of anti-diuretic hormone (ADH) and thus dehydrates and dries the skin, undermining its protective function. Malt liquors are toxic. Hyperglycemia (e.g. a generous portion of ice-cream) causes osmotic dieresis and acidosis). Caffeinated products, like coffee, chocolate and soft drinks. Caffeine (pH 4) is a stimulant and diuretic (dehydrating agent). It dries the skin. The acidic beverage especially exacerbates  psoriasis and osteoarthritis. Even decaffeineted coffee contains Xanthine, a purine base precursor of uric acid that is a potent pro-inflammatory agent. Regular tea contains xanthenes also. Even minimal intake of pro-inflammatory agents like nicotine (incl. "non-inhaled" cigars); bioavailable vitamin-C rich fruits, such as raspberries, kiwi fruit, blueberries (24% vitamin C), cherries, cranberries--especially concentrated cranberry juice--and excessive orange juice. Sadly, fruit juice is no friend of anyone with an autoimmune disease as glucose spikes trigger a systemic inflammatory response.

Cold climate stimulates the immune system. Air-conditioning offers comfort; but cool air dries out the skin, accelerating both psoriatic cell proliferation and, hence, appearance of aging. Psoriasis sufferers in particular need to apply a good moisturizer to the affected areas when exposed to cold air. Caffeine dehydrates the body. A high protein diet, such as the Atkins, may help the metabolically resistant to start losing weight, but it causes immunostimulative dehydration and kidney abuse. 

Sugar (sucrose), especially the toxic disacharride alpha-delta-glucopyranosyl beta-delta-fructofuranoside, C12-H24-11), which use has been responsible for immeasurable cardiovascular illness, suffering and premature death. All sucrose-laden products, including brown sugar, which is merely the refined sacharride with food coloring or molasses added. Our food manufacturers try to disguise added sugar by specifying it as dextrose, lactose, maltose, galactose, corn starch, corn syrup, beet or grape sugar, including "other carbohydrates." Even fructose (a.k.a. levulose) interferes with the glycolitic pathway for sugar and is therefore also contraindicated for individuals with an autoimmune disorder. Honey is mainly fermentable sugar, a mix of glucose and fructose. Note that hypoglycemia may interrupt sleep, and sleep deprivation is a major contributor to body stress. Contrary to popular belief, cold milk does not promote sleep (but let's not rule out the placebo effect!). Warming milk denatures its proteins, so milk may actually promote sleep. Heavy Cream exacerbates conditions like benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH).

Red meat (especially dry, smoked, salty types, such as salami and beef jerky); pork (chops, bacon); fatty carbohydrates, such as starchy croissants; puff pastry. All foods containing GlutenL-phenyalanine (beef). Most proteins may be classified as stimulants.

Watermelon and other high fructose-laden foods cause sharp glucose spikes that are especially harmful to individuals with an autoimmune disease, including any cardiovascular condition. High glycemic carbohydrates, like potatoes (one potato is equivalent to 1/3 cup of sugar after being processed by the liver), rice and all flour products. Among the highest highest glycemic foods are dates, pumpkin, watermelon, raisins, corn, apricots, cantaloupes, and pineapple. Four grams--about a teaspoon--of serum glucose (blood sugar) circulates through the average human body, but this disacharride is by far the most common culprit in most human illness. Fructose more than any other sugar renders lipid tissue inefficient in yielding fat reserves in the absence of food intake; hence, obese people can suffer hungry, while over-nourished.  

Vitamin C, especially if with zinc supplementation that accelerates its absorption in the body. Cranberry juice and other vitamin C-rich fruit (all citrus fruit). High (toxic) levels of vitamin A can cause peeling, dry skin. While important in protein synthesis, most critically during tissue development, and to prevent anemia, Folic acid is not a friend of anyone prone to suffering an inflammatory disorder. This B-vitamin is essential to immune cell regeneration, which serves as a stimulant. B12 is also in the stimulant class of vitamins.

Inorganic minerals, such as calcium carbonate, which is crude chalk and mostly dispersant-free, found plentifully in our  toxic water supply. If you still wish to consume this form of calcium, save yourself some $ and scrape the stuff off your shower walls, or pick it out of your drain pipe: it also deposits behind the lower incisors in your mouth. Tums and Rolaids contain this form of inorganic calcium, which antacid effect inhibits absorption of bioavailable calcium. Calcium Citrate is inorganic. Note that references to calcium "absorption" refer to the bloodstream and not the cells; so while CaCO3 is highly absorbable, it is less efficacious and may even be harmful. Your doctor may be unaware that elevating serum calcium does not mean that the mineral enters a cell.  


Cold, damp weather (low pressure system). Cold air cannot support moisture well and causes dry skin. Sunburn can exacerbate psoriasis and invites skin cancer. Excessive exposure to UV-B light destroys vitamin D3 in the skin. The elderly do not synthesize vitamin D well from sunlight and need to take a supplement.

Nicotine in any tobacco product, like cigarettes and cigars (sigh!), will trigger an immune reaction that is harmful to individuals afflicted with an auto-immune disorder. Passive smoke is more toxic than the smoke filtered through the tobacco itself. The human body naturally treats the agricultural pesticide as a poison, responding with a defensive immune reaction.  Even brief exposure to solvent fumes can trigger systemic inflammation.

Any kind of smoke, passive or otherwise may elicit an immune reaction with system inflammation. Cannabis may relax the anxious and is immunosuppressive, but the free radical damage of the carcinogen-rich weed is not an option for anyone possessing a modicum of wisdom; besides, chronic use of the psychoactive substance causes growth of breasts in males. Even breathing sawdust, especially from hardwood, can elicit a severe immune response as well as interfere with sleep as the sympathetic nervous system becomes hyper-aroused.

The firmness of a hard mattress is barbaric to psoriatics and individuals with joint inflammation, such as those suffering chronic low back pain. Non-restorative sleep architecture lowers pain-threshold.


Prolonged dietary supplementation of 
L-Tyrosine; strict adherence to the Atkins diet of exclusively protein-based foods that causes dehydration and possibly kidney stress (mimics lumbago), although metabolically resistant individuals can benefit from a carbohydrate-free diet to initiate weight loss.

More than two, short-term steroidal courses per year, especially parental delivery thereof, to avoid weakening of the joint or vulnerability to neoplasm (tumors, cancer). Any of the Lithium salts. These medicines prescribed for Bipolar disorder can not only exacerbate psoriasis but trigger the diathesis.

Wellbutrin for excessive periods. An indicator of when to taper use is when sleep is truncated. Over-supplementing stress-depleted norepiephrine (NE) may explain the reverse effect. Stimulant medications, such as for weight-reduction/appetite suppression and asthma (xanthines). Stimulant drugs, like cocaine and the amphetamines, are not only pro-inflammatory with the SNS hyperarousal but also weaken heart valves. Unfortunately chocolate contains phenyl-ethylamine. Provigil has shown itself to be an exception among stimulant medications if taken in small doses. 

Stimulant drugs, including OTC products, especially those with outrageous claims (e.g., Yohimbe, and Ephedra). Lithium carbonate can cause severe flare-ups.

Cocoa is immunostimulative and therefore pro-inflammatory.

Internal (e.g. atypia, neoplastic activity), and external lesions (e.g. keratosis, skin cancer) severely aggravates any autoimmune disorder. Therefore factors that predispose one to such maladies are serious foes, like obesity and suntans.


Prolonged physical and emotional stress, especially repressed
anger. Subclinical levels of an anxiety disorder are typical, if not consistent, in any autoimmune disease. Deficits in coping with uncertainty defines the anxiety.

Non-productive worry, approval- seeking, people-pleasing behavior. Absence of passion for a creative activity to facilitate living in the here-and-now.

Despite being touted as something positive,
pride affords one very little. Selfism places enormous stress on the central nervous system. The fact that no nation has ever risen above its religion is proof that belief in man as the measure of all things (faith if secular humanism) is ultimately destructive to physical and emotional health.

Irrational belief that others are responsible for our emotions. Repressed anger and sub-clinical levels of a chronic anxiety. Deficits in coping with uncertainty defines the anxiety.


So-called "Magnetic therapy" for a psoriatic or arthritic joint. Prolonged exposure of the joint to cold draft, such as air-conditioning.

Electrodermal stimulation, ultrasound and any
electronic treatment that stimulates human tissue. While open heart surgery may preempt a life-threatening event, brain damage--especially to the hippocampus (involved in short-term memory function)—is common when the immune system is aggressively activated by leukocytes in contact with non-organic tubing.

Offensive body odors are actually bacteria that can alarm the immune system.

Naturopathic practitioners offer some valuable alternatives to mainstream medicine that commonly include side-effects, degrading the quality of the patient's life, but their use of
magnetic therapy  and any electrical stimulation is misguided.  

Friends & Foes

Below is a list of factors that either aggravate or ameliorate an auto-immune disease. The identified friends and enemies are categorized as dietary, environmental, etc. Click here to view some of the better-known autoimmune diseases.