Biobehavioral Medicine

Pain Management

Chronic use of CNS depressant medication (narcotics) is exclusive to iatrogenic cases and addicts. Such prescribing methods reflect treatment failure, not refractory pathology: the patient cannot be blamed. Resolving debilitating pain is within reach of every motivated person.


Reversing osteoarthritis

Starving cancer

Preventing ingrown toenail

Exfoliating psoriatic plaques

Self treating muscle spasm

Androgenic Alopecia

Finally, a safe and effective home treatment for male-pattern baldness, using affordable technology that can be purchased over-the-counter.


We are in the process of conducting a clinical trial of a hair restoration therapy that actually works in most cases of alopecia. The technology has been approved by the FDA.


Gait Training

The BOSS gait is a new cognitive-behavioral approach to gait training for victims of stroke and traumatic brain injury with paralysis. Each step is illustrated, which learning may free the patient from dependence on orthosis. Special attention is given to prophylactic ambulation for prevention of falling injury.

Finger & Toe nails

Reshape the growth pattern of your toe nails to resolve the painful condition of ingrown toe nails. Spoon-shaped and clawed fingernails also can be trained to grow to a more functional shape.

For the Health of It

Updates on new treatments for various disorders, including an explanation and the pros and cons of the therapies.



Practical self-help for this incurable but manageable dermatological condition is discussed with important options to toxic medication that predispose the patient to cancer.

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Autoimmune Disorders

Factors that either aggravate or ameliorate an inflammatory disorder are identified as “Friends”

or “Foes.” This self-help guide is essential to anyone seeking control over discomfort associated with arthritis, psoriasis, lupus, celiac disease, multiple sclerosis, scleroderma, Raynaud's, Crohn’s, Addison’s, Grave’s or any one of the diseases where the immune system is genetically programmed to attack healthy cells.

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Regaining balance after TBI

A cure for panic attacks

PAIN IS pain: Suffering is optional

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